Alpine Research Station Furka (ALPFOR)       

In addition to Masters and PhD projects, alpine ecology is tought regularly in the form of summer courses to undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Basel and the Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center. These courses attract students from many countries and disciplins.
We teach an empirical approach to alpine ecology aiming a process understanding. While using modern instrumentation and quantitative methods, we also aim at familiarizing students with alpine biodiversity. In cooperation with various agencies we also offer ALPFOR for outreach activities such as short courses for interested lay persons, schools, clubs and regional stakeholders.
The next course will take place from 14 to 20 July 2019 - Alpine Plant Ecology - International Summer School
Jointly organized by the Zürich-Basel Plant Science Center, the Universities of Basel and Lausanne, the ETH Zurich and ALPFOR
Course Objectives: This field course for PhD and Master students offers an introduction to the functional ecology of alpine plants. It will cover bioclimatology, soil ecology, ecophysiology, functional morphology, population biology, reproduction biology, community ecology and biodiversity. The station is surrounded by a great variety of typical alpine vegetation, including glacier forfields.
Course Program: The course will combine lectures and field work, with the schedule adjusted to weather conditions for outdoor activities. Participants will also work on small supervised projects, the results of which will be presented and discussed in a final poster session (both field and laboratory works).
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